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Notes & Costs

Registration Cost Includes

  • All Conference Sessions
  • Cocktail Evening Social on Wednesday, June 5th
  • Breakfast and Lunch on Thursday & Friday
  • Evening Event on Thursday, June 6th
  • OPTIONAL Training Session on Friday, June 7th

Registration Does Not Cover

  • Room Reservations & Travel Expenses

For more lodging information, visit the conference location page.

Conference Costs

Discounted Pricing:

Ends May 03, 2019

USD $ 1,195

Standard Registration:

Ends May 31, 2019

USD $ 1,990

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Registration Survey

  1. Which Portal(s) do you currently use and/or are interested in learning more about (check all that apply)?

  2. What is your role in the Portal(s)? If you are not a current user, which role do you most closely align with?
  3. What is your current experience level using the tools within the Portal(s)?
  4. How long have you used the tools?
  5. Which tools/features do you regularly use (e.g., NaviTrack, reporting, dashboards, Deliverable Workflow, etc.)?
  6. What challenges do you face when using the tools?
  7. What tools/services are you interested in learning more about (select all that apply)?

  8. Which tool would you most like to see added to the Network(s) in the future?
  9. Are you interested in learning about how other companies have implemented the tools in their organizations?